Loopy Large Lap Pad

Loopy Large Lap Pad
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Calm Kiwi
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Our Calm Kiwi Loopy Lap Pads provide extra sensory input, each side of these lap pads have ribbon loopy tags, loopies are different widths, colours and designs.  These lap pads are made with 4 layers of high-quality fabric. The inner two layers consist of a strong and durable unbleached Calico where the fine river stones are sewn into our unique hidden quilted inner, keeping the weight evenly disturbed throughout the lap pad. We use our four-stitch safety design, keeping the fine river stone safely in place. 

Choose from a range of colours, fabrics and weight options. 

All lap pads are machine washable and dryer safe. 

Loopy Large Lap Pad: Suitable for children that require a larger pressure input area, teen and adults Great for schools, home, work, travel, appointments and times that require calm, focus and concentration 
Choose from a range of colours, fabrics and weight options.

  • 4 Layers of fabric
  • Hidden quilted Inner, evenly distributing weight throughout the lap pad
  • Fine New Zealand river stone
  • Four-stitch design, keeping the fine river stone safely in place.
  • Fully machine washable, line dry and dryer safe


Loopy Large Weighted Lap Pad
Age:  3 - 10 years
Inner weighted area size: 30 cm x 60 cm
Total lap pad size: 35 cm x 65 cm
Lap pad weight range: 1kg - 2 kg

Lap Pads should be upto 5% of the users’ body weight. Please consult your Healthcare Professional or a qualified Occupational Therapist for the correct weight and size. or contact us for help in choosing the right product for your needs.



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