A Little Bit About Us

Welcome to Love Calm Learn,  New Zealand's largest range of natural weighted alternatives, low tech communications solutions, sensory therapy toys and educational resources.

All our products are made by our lovely team here in Auckland. We are very passionate about providing you with high- quality, affordable products and service tailored to our New Zealand customer base. We understand that everyone is unique and individual, the "one size fits all option" just does not suit everyone.  We are very proud of our unique weighted therapy and communication product range, giving you a fully-customised service that is not often available elsewhere. 

Our story

It all started about 7 years ago when my daughter, aged 10, was diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder. I was advised by her OT to use schedules, routine charts and picture cards. I quickly found that these types of resources where hard to find in New Zealand: they were often expensive and lacked any customization. Purchasing resources from overseas incurred high shipping costs and long delivery times. 

After lots of coffee and late nights, I developed a box of resources that suited her needs. My daughter's OT was very impressed with these resources as were other parents I knew. I quickly began making more and more resources which lead to the development of The Resource Box.

Through the years The Resource Box went from a small hobby to help parents just like me, to a small business. I developed a range of products and brands to suit my New Zealand and Australasia customers.

From weighted blankets, vests, lap pads, communication boards, PECS and social stories to sensory toys and games, behavior management and educational resources., all fully customisable to suit the needs of the customer.

About 6 month ago, I was chatting to a good friend over a cup of coffee: we chatted about how busy The Resource Box had become. I was thinking about employing an extra set of hands. She was fed up with hours of travel for her own job and was thinking of a career change. After many more cups of coffee and planning we decided to upgrade The Resource Box to a company together. We created a brand new site, with a new look and feel, redesigned and enhanced many of our original products and added many more.....

Love Calm Learn was born. 


A Little About Me

My name is Kelly, managing director of Love Calm Learn.

Originally from England UK, I am mum to three unique and beautiful children - two teens girls and a pre-teen boy, all homeschooled and with a wide range of interests and hobbies. 

I have worked in education and special needs for over 20 years both in England and New Zealand. I have a degree in early childhood education (BA, hons) and a degree in special needs education specialising in Autism (BA). 

Over the years, I have worked in preschools, daycares and primary schools, classrooms and satellite units, working with children, parents, teachers and health care professionals. 


For the past 15 years, I worked for a government department on the frontline; I soon learned that we are not all the same and that one size does not fit all - and that’s ok.  Gradually over the years, the job changed and I no longer felt like I was able to help people in the way that I wanted; I knew I needed a change. 

Over the past few years, I have heard Kelly talk about the benefits of the natural alternative products she makes for people and how they worked. I had to have a look and do my own research and was amazed by how these products can change people’s lives. I also had the opportunity to watch Kelly in action making these products, and saw the quality and love she puts into them and how happy it makes her. When she asked me if I would partner up with her, I don’t think I could have said “YES!” any faster.

This is a whole new exciting journey for me. I can’t wait to keep learning and developing the company further and look forward to developing new products with Kelly. But most of all I look forward to helping make people’s lives that little bit easier.

Kiana Media assistant

Kiana is 15 years old and loves social media. She enjoys helping me in the office - organizing social media,  and doing graphic and artwork for our resources and makes an awesome cup of coffee. 

Muffin (Autism Buddy)

Muffin is our 7-year-old huntaway x border collie. Her daily job is to help my eldest child through her day, sleep with her at night, be a thunderstorm buddy, clean the kitchen floor and be a cat meat taster. She's crazy and bouncy yet timid and shy. She loves playing with the kids, going to the beach, visiting the community and thinks all visitors are here just for her.